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Blood Grouping and Typing


Most Comprehensive Product Line: As the primary supplier for thousands of blood banks across the globe, we offer a complete product line of traditional antisera. From the routine ABO to a monoclonal Anti-P1 and rare lectins, we have the right reagent to fulfill your inventory needs. In the North American market, we offer many reagents that cannot be sourced from any other supplier.

Variable Package Sizes: We understand that not all laboratories manage the same workload. To make inventory management more efficient, we provide variable package configurations for many of our routine reagents to support laboratories of all sizes.

Made in the USA: All products are manufactured in the USA providing reliable product supply.

New Monoclonal Blood Grouping Reagents are Now Available:

Description Product Code Configuration
Anti-Fya Gamma-clone® 0004816 1 x 5 mL
Anti-Jka Gamma-clone® 0004812 1 x 5 mL
Anti-Jkb Gamma-clone® 0004813 1 x 5 mL
Anti-S Gamma-clone® 0004814 1 x 5 mL
Anti-s Gamma-clone® 0004815 1 x 5 mL
Anti-Human Globulin


For the blood bank, there is nothing more basic than a quality Anti-Human Globulin reagent. Immucor provides an extensive offering of AHG reagents from basic to complex with a choice of package sizes and clear or green reagent dye to improve process controls in your laboratory.

Assays may include antibody screening, antibody identification, Weak D testing, antiglobulin crossmatch and rare antigen typing.

Anti-IgG, -C3d, Polyspecific, Monoclonal Clear 10-pack
Green 3-pack
Green 10-pack
Anti-IgG, Monoclonal Clear 10-pack
Green 3-pack
Green 10-pack
Anti-C3b, -C3d, Monoclonal 5mL vial
Reagent Red Blood Cells


Ask our customers why our Reagent Red Blood Cells are preferred and they’ll use words like accuracy, flexibility, dependability and detail. There’s a reason for that. In fact, there are several reasons:

Weekly Production: Manufactured weekly, our continuous production cycle supports the global demand for our high quality products and allows you to inventory up to 8 lots of antibody identification panels with unique cells in date at all times. It also means we have fresh product available when you need it most. Industry-exclusive Flexship options allow you to choose the frequency of your standing order shipments to match your inventory needs.

Consistent and Accurate Manufacturing: In the production of Reagent Red Blood Cells, accuracy is paramount. We have a rich supply of donors and take pride in the quality of our manufacturing to create the best antigen profile on every lot. We apply our experience with molecular immunohematology to enhance the value of our serological products by cross-checking the genotype determinations of all donors using BioArray technology.

Broadest Range of Products: Immucor is proud to offer the broadest product line of traditional Reagent Red Blood Cells on the global market. Our products are designed to serve the needs of laboratories of all sizes – from routine testing to complex antibody investigations.

Quality Control


A laboratory is driven by the quality of the test results it generates. Immucor provides an array of Quality Control reagents designed to meet stringent quality and compliance standards. Our complete product line includes:

corQC® Daily quality control of routine reagents. Manual
corQC® Standard Cell Daily quality control of routine reagents. Galileo®; NEO®; Manual
corQC® Extend Daily quality control for those running Rh and Kell Phenotype. Galileo®; NEO®; Manual
WBcorQC Whole blood controls for automated instruments. Echo®
Weak D Cells Quality control of Anti-D reagents. Manual
Complement Control Cells Quality control of anti-C3 of Anti-Human Globulin. Manual
DAT Positive Control Cell Quality control of Anti-IgG Human Antiglobulin. Echo®; Galileo®; NEO®



An IgG-specific red cell antibody detection, identification and crossmatch system. Capture-R® Ready-Screen® technology is utilized in the detection of unexpected IgG antibodies to red blood cells by manual, semi-automated or fully automated test methods. Immucor’s broad menu of Capture-R red cell antibody screen and identification assays provides flexibility and standardization in pre-transfusion testing.

Antibody Screen Assays:
Capture-R® Ready-Screen® (Pooled) Pooled cell antibody screen for donor testing
Capture-R Ready-Screen (I and II) 2-cell antibody screen
Capture-R Ready-Screen (3) 3-cell antibody screen
Antibody Identification Assays:
Capture-R® Ready-ID® 14-cell primary antibody identification panel
Capture-R Ready-ID Extend I 14-cell secondary D-positive panel
Capture-R Ready-ID Extend II 14-cell secondary D-negative panel
Other Assays:
Capture-R® Select® Modified assay for the immobilization of red cells.  May be used for antibody screening, selected red cell panels, autologous controls, DAT, crossmatch or Weak D testing.

Our Capture-P technology is an innovative IgG platelet antibody detection and crossmatch system.

Capture-P assays allow your laboratory to complete specialty platelet compatibility testing with the same methodology utilized for your routine red cell antibody screening.

Capture-P® Ready-Screen®: Detects platelet-specific and HLA antibodies. Test wells are coated with platelets from 13 different donors.

Capture-P: Utilized for platelet crossmatch assays. Test wells are coated with a specific platelet binding agent.


Increase your productivity by expanding your test menu with Capture-CMV. Designed to improve efficiencies in donor or patient testing, Capture-CMV detects IgG + IgM antibodies to cytomegalovirus in serum or plasma. Capture-CMV is FDA-cleared for patient or donor testing and can be run on the high volume NEO® instrument or the semi-automated Capture workstation.


Capture® Workstation

Capture technology has a proven advantage. Now, more than ever, Immucor offers your laboratory an efficient test method which provides standardized test results with excellent sensitivity and specificity. The semi-automated Capture workstation is designed as a stand-alone solution for small laboratories or as a back-up system to the Echo or NEO. This workstation is easy to use and means antibody screening and identification has never been so efficient.

P2 Incubator: P2´s dual incubation bay means there´s no bottleneck during test processing. You can process multiple runs simultaneously, allowing you to continuously process your dynamic workflow.

CSW100 Automated Washer: The CSW100 automated cell washer is pre-programmed for optimal performance, and the wash cycle is less than 5 minutes. Capture´s wash step allows the processing of lipemic or icteric samples.

Immuspin Centrifuge: The Immuspin centrifuge is pre-programmed with optional spin parameters. Centrifugation time is less than 3 minutes for all Capture assays contributing to a quick turnaround time for test results.


Fast Turnaround Time.

Meet Echo. Designed to help blood banks of all sizes and volumes optimize total workflow efficiency by automating more than just routine types and screens with the world’s smallest footprint.

  • Echo offers unprecedented speed with type and screen results available in just 26 minutes
  • Linear racks provide true continuous access
  • Capacity for 20 samples with continuous loading capability
  • STAT prioritization
  • Industry exclusive reflex testing
  • Real time test results
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Bi-directional interface to LIS
  • ImmuLINKTM interface
  • blud_directSM remote diagnostics
  • Customer changeable parts
  • World’s smallest footprint for a fully automated blood bank instrument

Blood Grouping and Transfusion Testing ROTEM delta

Viscoelastic testing with the ROTEM delta and its comprehensive liquid reagent portfolio, provides rapid differential diagnostic information to optimize transfusion decisions in major surgeries and traumatic bleeding scenarios. Coagulation status overview within 10 minutes quickly helps identify underlying coagulopathies and guides appropriate decisions for individualized and goal-directed therapy.

Redefining bleeding control

Optimal efficiency of patient blood management with ROTEM systems can reduce unnecessary transfusions, re-operation, infection rates, total hospital costs and mortality. Thus, enhancing hospital efficiency and patient care.


  • Rapid patient management decisions:
    • Results from ROTEM delta analysis, available within 5-10 minutes,
    • Optimize patient treatment and monitor results.
  • Four channels and a comprehensive reagent portfolio aid in the evaluation of coagulopathies.
  • Simplified and rapid interpretation.
  • Real-time results.
  • Remote viewing capabilities.
  • Advanced technology for quantitative and qualitative results Measuring clot elasticity of whole blood samples.
  • Vibration-resistant stabilized thrombo-elastometry with 24-hour internal,
  • Mechanical monitoring.
  • Easy and safe handling
  • Automated pipetting for standardized volumes.
  • Single-use reagents for fast and reliable results.
  • Intuitive touchscreen.
  • Integrated training program and trouble-shooting.