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Coagulation and Haemostasis studies measure your blood’s ability to clot, and how long it takes to clot. These crucial findings are important to aid the clinician’s ability to assess your risk of excessive bleeding or developing clots or thrombosis in your blood vessels.

RYVEX has partnered with the ACL group to bring the power of automation to your Laboratory. The ACL Top group of analysers are robust and efficient systems that can offer a large array of Haemostasis test parameters.


Routine, specialty and STAT testing on compact and convenient systems. ACL Elite Pro systems offer unique combination of process automation, maximizing walk-away time, while ACL Elite systems deliver the same robust testing capability for the smallest laboratories in your network.

Simple, comprehensive solutions for the homeostasis Laboratory.

ACL Elite systems are optimized to operate with a comprehensive panel of HemosIL assays. Together, they offer a complete disease-state management solution.


The ACL TOP Family is a complete line of Homeostasis Testing Systems—each designed with the same high standards of operation and functionality to meet the needs of your hospital and lab, regardless of size or scope.  Whether running routine or specialty assays, ACL TOP systems provide Intelligent Testing in a range of models, delivering quality and efficiency in low- to high-volume labs, including those with Lab Automation Systems

The ACL TOP Family 50 Series systems offer the most advanced automation and quality management, for routine to specialty assays. Designed for mid- to high-volume clinical laboratories, including those with Lab Automation tracks, all models are standardized for superior performance across the entire testing process. Automated pre-analytical sample-integrity checks, advanced quality and accreditation support and enhanced system security assure quality results and lab efficiency


The most compact for routine or specialty testing.  Perfect companion to ACL TOP 750 CTS or ACL TOP 550 CTS systems. No specialized operator training required. Testing for routine or specialty assays is simple.

Test menu:

Clotting, chromogenic and immunological assays


PT: to 110 tests/hr (110 samples/hr)

APTT: up to 110 tests/hr (110 samples/hr)

PT/APTT: up to 110 tests/hr (55 samples/hr) Sample

Sample Loading/Handling:

Continuous sample and reagent loading.

Continuous operation

STAT capability

Racks Samples onboard: 40 (10/sample rack)

Assay-specific HIL sample check

Tube-fill height detection

Sample aspiration clog check

Closed-Tube Sampling

Sample predilution

Cuvettes onboard: 800


Bidirectional interface

Operating system: Windows ® 7-based

Monitor17 -inch colour LCD touchscreen (external)





Patient sample results database:  20,000 samples

Quality Control program

Events log system

Audit-trail report