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Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay or better known as ELISA or EIA,
is a test methodology that detects and measures antibodies in your blood.
This test system is commonly used to measure antibodies, antigens, proteins and glycoproteins in biological samples.

Ryvex has recognized the integral role that ELISA tests play in the healthcare system, through extensive research, we are able to provide cutting edge solutions and further expand our ELISA test menu with the following brands:


The ThunderBolt is an innovative 2-plate, fully automated, open platform that is compact and cost efficient. The user friendly and flexible software is capable of programming a broad range of protocols. The ThunderBolt is available for both ELISA and Chemiluminescent (CLIA) applications.

Walk-away processing of virtually any EIA or Chemiluminescence assay. Streamline your workflow with easy loading, and fully automated processing, reading and reporting of results.

With the Thunderbolt you can access a vast network of premium assays sourced from the best manufacturers around the globe. Program the ThunderBolt to run virtually any EIA or CLIA* assay with up to eight different protocols in a single batch. The Test Designer allows for exceptional assay protocol adherence, and the Report Generator offers numerous reporting and analysis options that can be tailored to your lab’s needs.

Even as the smallest and lightest instrument in its class, the ThunderBolt packs a punch operating as:

  • Convection Incubator
  • Orbital Shaker
  • Built-in Reader
  • Slide In Racks
  • On-Board Camera
  • High Precision Micro-Syringe
  • Sliding Sample Tray
  • Barcode Reader
    All in a 2’x2’ footprint allowing you to recover bench-top real estate occupied by bulky, outdated equipment

Apart from its compact size and advance automations, the ThunderBolt has a host of features such as:

  1. Uses an LED Spectrophotometer which lasts 100x longer than the halogen bulb and provides more specific wavelengths.
  2. Are completely open,  therefore if you wish to use the current ELISA test kits at your Lab, they can all be programmed on the unit.
  3. Capable of running multiple ELISA/CLIA tests on that one plate enabling panel testing for ELISA.
  4. Are fully automated so you can place the actual sample on board and the analyser performs all the steps including dilution, washing, substrate addition and stop solution using the reagents from the kit only.
  5. Allow you to run one sample at a time, you do not need to batch samples, as each well is processed independently of each other, even in the wash cycle.
  6. Generate reports automatically which are calculated and are printable.
Bolt ELISA/CLIA Analyser

A one-plate ELISA+CLIA processor, the Bolt shares many features of the ThunderBolt, but with a more customizable, lower throughput, cost-effective design.
The Bolt is a single compact machine that serves as all of the tools for processing an ELISA or CLIA assay (pipette, washer, incubator, shaker, reader).

With the fully automated EIA platform, users can easily set up a worklist and come back to the instrument to retrieve results. No more worrying about manual incubation times and misplacing pipettes.

The simple design of the Bolt reduces the cost of the instrument and still provides the user with a complete EIA process. Enhance your workflow with easy loading, fully automated processing, reading and reporting of results.

The Bolt software adapts to your laboratory to enable maximum productivity and deliver highly reliable results. The Test Designer combines with the multitude of other features to make ongoing operation of your Bolt as effortless as possible. The Test Designer allows configuration of virtually any EIA or Chemiluminescence assay protocol down the most minute detail, including required calculations and results analysis. Computations include: Point to point, linear regression, cubic spline, 4PL, 5 PL, Lin-Lin, Lin-Log, and Log-Log representation. The software integrates with most LIS systems, and provides a fully bidirectional interface.

ELISA Test Kits

NovaTec Immundiagnostica GmbH started out by developing and manufacturing ELISA products for the diagnosis of infectious diseases (NovaLisa). Over the years, the company expanded to product line outside of the infectious diseases field of expertise and has proven themselves in new areas of diagnosis such as: steroid, protein and thyroid hormones; tumor markers; diabetes monitoring; and circulating immuno complexes.

More recently we they have expanded into new areas such as the veterinary and Line blots arena.

All NovaLisa reagents are ready to use and very user friendly. Most kits have the same protocol, incubation time and common reagents, making them very easy to be used on the ThunderBolt and Bolt systems. The NovaLisa ELISA test kits are all:

  • CE Approved
  • Ready to use reagents
  • Standardized procedures
  • Special IgM-buffer to avoid interference with rheumatoid factors
  • EIAs with cut off control
  • Color coded reagents
  • Quality Control (QC) performed manually as well as on several automated systems
  • Long shelf-life
  • Snap-off microtiter strips
  • Ready to use on several automated systems
  • Flexible packaging – 48 or 96 wells

To see a the full menu of NovaLisa test kits please follow this link:

ELISA Test Kits

DRG develops and manufactures diagnostic ELISA test kits for use in clinical and research laboratories. The experience of the production and management team guarantees to provide high quality products, competitive prices and excellent customer service.

DRG works in compliance to DIN EN ISO 13485 standard, certified by TÜV Rheinland Product Safety GmbH, an indication of their commitment to customer service, quality control and improved health care. DRG participates in a number of quality assessment schemes, which include Instand (Germany) and RfB (Germany). DRG products meet the essential requirements of the directive 98/79/EC of 27th October 1998 on in-vitro diagnostic medical devices.

To see a the full menu of DRG ELISA test kits please follow this link:

ELISA Test Kits

Demeditec Diagnostics GmbH is a privately owned company located in northern Germany. Since the foundation in 1987 Demeditec has rapidly grown to become a successful and reliable manufacturer and supplier of in vitro diagnostic test kits.

We are, therefore, proud to present an extensive product panel of non-radioactive (ELISA) and radioactive (RIA) test systems for both Human and Veterinary Diagnostics including:

  • Endocrinology – especially Salivary Diagnostics ,
  • Infectious Diseases,
  • Autoimmunity,
  • Biogenic Amines,
  • Tumor Markers and
  • Food Analytics.

To ensure the quality of their products, services and support, Demeditec has been certified according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 since 2003 and according to the GMP standard since 2011.

To see a the full menu of DeMediTec ELISA test kits please follow this link: