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RYVEX LLC has partnered with some of the top brands in the industry and together we are confident that our Haematology Portfolio guarantees a high level of accuracy when identifying differential cells, blood cells disorders and malignancies yet maintaining low operation costs and reduced downtime.


Through our partnership with Beckman Coulter and Alifax we are committed to offering the latest technology to to meet the demands of an evolving health care system

DxH 560

Small and mighty, because good things come in small packages.

Save time and resources, eliminate unnecessary intervention and deliver high-quality results, even for difficult-to-draw patient groups, with the DxH 560.

  • Save time and resources: with a multi-tube, compact hematology analyzer that has proven reliability, paperless data management and autonomous instrument daily cleaning
  • Available when you need it: the DxH 560 is engineered for high uptime and system reliability at less than one service call per year
  • Eliminate system readiness delays: experience hands-free, autonomous daily cleaning and startup. The DxH 560 was designed with reliability in mind and allows for high walkaway time with autonomous daily start-up and system checks, hands-free daily cleaning, plus simple and few reagent replacements for maximized uptime
  • Load and go up to 50 samples: with on-the-fly continuous loading more than twice the capacity compared to the closest competitor
  • Extended QC (eQC): with onboard bias, precision and accuracy monitoring without the need for internet or extra fees
  • Reduce administrative errors and go paperless:: designed to work as hard as you do, the onboard data management in the DxH 560 can host up to 30,000 patient records—equivalent to a year’s worth of tests with typical usage
  • Keep analysis running smoothly throughout the day: store and manage just three reagents, with simple and quick replacement, compared to six reagents with other analyzers in its class
  • Test in tight spaces: with an integrated monitor and keyboard and only one external reagent, the DxH 560 requires up to 1/3 less laboratory counter space than other analyzers in its class

For more information you can visit this link: https://www.beckmancoulter.com/products/hematology/dxh-560-autoloader-hematology-analyzer

DxH 520

Beckman Coulter’s DxH520 Haematology analyser, is the latest and most advance 5-part Differential analyser on the market with enhanced features such as:

  • Reduced reagent usage, 50% less reagent volume per sample when compared to other low-volume analyzers like the Horiba
  • Optimize uptime with proven system reliability and an automated cleaning cycle.
  • Infrequent and simple reagent reloading—easily change all three reagents in less than five
  • Power saving features that utilizes on average 30% less electricity, due to a reduction in moveable parts and upgrade to low energy light sources that allows you to reduce your electricity
  • Efficient use of laboratory counter space with the analyzer’s compact footprint—smallest in its class.
  • Built-in auto-voltage-switching power supply, which eliminates the need for costly line conditioners and regulators like a
  • Touch screen; handheld barcode
  • Powerful patient and QC data management tools for paperless operations and to reduce clerical
  • Data Storage of up to 30,000 patient results, including graphics, flags, codes and messages; 12 control files, each with a maximum of 150

For more information you can visit this link: https://www.beckmancoulter.com/en/products/hematology/dxh-520

DxH 690T

Streamline workflow and maximize staff walkaway time with the DxH 690T haematology analyser. This 5-part differential CBC analyser helps you give your patients rapid results, while enabling your technologists to simplify processes and reduce manual tasks. The benchtop system includes the same automated capabilities and industry-leading 93% first-pass yield of our full-featured DxH 900 haematology analyzer,1 as well as support for the Early Sepsis Indicator (ESId) haematology biomarker for sepsis. Available exclusively for mid-volume laboratories on the DxH 690T, the ESId helps clinicians identify sepsis in the emergency department (ED) to support faster, targeted treatment.

  • Sample Aspiration:
    • Whole blood: 165 ?L
    • Body fluid: 165 ?L
    • Dead volume: 0.5 mL
  • Methodology
    • Enhanced Coulter digital impedance
    • 360 VCS with DataFusion
  • Available Test Menu
    • Differential: NE, LY, MO, EO, BA, MDW, NRBC, NE#, LY#, MO#, EO#, BA#, NRBC#
    • Early Sepsis Indicator: MDW (when enabled
    • Reticulocyte: RET, RET#, MRV, IRF
    • Body fluids (CSF, serous and synovial): TNC, RBC, @BFM%, @BFP%

For more information you can visit this link: https://www.beckmancoulter.com/en/products/hematology/dxh-690t#/overview

DxH 900 Hematology Analyzer

The right results, the first time
The DxH 900 hematology analyzer enables your high-volume laboratory to achieve superb RBC, PLT and WBC differentials through near native-state cellular characterization. Industry-leading 93% first-pass yield* ensures predictable costs and a faster break-even point. Streamlined processes help your laboratory maximize staff time through the most reportable results per square meter in the industry, fewer slide reviews and high system reliability for greater uptime.