BD BBL™ prepared plated media enable the isolation of microorganisms from samples or specimens. Ready for immediate use, they are routinely available in several types of Petri-style dishes, containing a variety of media.

BD Stacker™ dishes and BD Stacker™ I Plate™ dishes
These 100-mm x 15-mm–style dishes interlock, minimizing the hazard of sliding dishes. BD Stacker dishes contain one medium. BD Stacker I Plate dishes with two sections contain one or two media.

Quad plate 100-mm x 15-mm–style dishes
These dishes feature four sections that each contain a different media formulation.

BD RODAC™ and BD RODAC™ Snap Lid plates
These plates are for surface sampling of microbial contamination, featuring a base with inward-sloping walls and a convex bottom designed to keep the agar bed in place during transit and use. The BD RODAC Snap Lid plate features a unique snap-locking system to provide additional security during sampling and transport.