BD Synapsys™ microbiology informatics solution

BD Synapsys™ microbiology informatics solution

BD Synapsys™ informatics assists with trending and tracking blood culture collection best practices for continued laboratory improvement.

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Blood culture media

Decrease time to detection during the analytical phase with a full spectrum of blood culture media solutions.

The combination of the BD BACTEC Plus aerobic and Lytic anaerobic media allows for improved time to detect and recovery of both aerobic and anaerobic organisms.1

The BD BACTEC bottle portfolio provides a full line of blood culture media developed specifically for the detection of aerobes, anaerobes, yeast, fungi and mycobacteria to help improve time to detect and organism recovery2 from both adult and pediatric patients.

Globally, over a third of patients hospitalized with sepsis may die prior to hospital discharge. Best practice recommends collecting at least two sets of blood cultures prior to antimicrobial therapy to help improve organism recovery.3



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