DxH 560

DxH 560

Small and mighty, because good things come in small packages.

Save time and resources, eliminate unnecessary intervention and deliver high-quality results, even for difficult-to-draw patient groups, with the DxH 560.

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  • Save time and resources: with a multi-tube, compact hematology analyzer that has proven reliability, paperless data management and autonomous instrument daily cleaning
  • Available when you need it: the DxH 560 is engineered for high uptime and system reliability at less than one service call per year
  • Eliminate system readiness delays: experience hands-free, autonomous daily cleaning and startup. The DxH 560 was designed with reliability in mind and allows for high walkaway time with autonomous daily start-up and system checks, hands-free daily cleaning, plus simple and few reagent replacements for maximized uptime
  • Load and go up to 50 samples: with on-the-fly continuous loading more than twice the capacity compared to the closest competitor
  • Extended QC (eQC): with onboard bias, precision and accuracy monitoring without the need for internet or extra fees
  • Reduce administrative errors and go paperless:: designed to work as hard as you do, the onboard data management in the DxH 560 can host up to 30,000 patient records—equivalent to a year’s worth of tests with typical usage
  • Keep analysis running smoothly throughout the day: store and manage just three reagents, with simple and quick replacement, compared to six reagents with other analyzers in its class
  • Test in tight spaces: with an integrated monitor and keyboard and only one external reagent, the DxH 560 requires up to 1/3 less laboratory counter space than other analyzers in its class

For more information you can visit this link: https://www.beckmancoulter.com/products/hematology/dxh-560-autoloader-hematology-analyzer


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