Fujifilm Nx700

Fujifilm Nx700

The DRI-CHEM NX700, is a complete bench top Dry Chemistry analyser which can perform multiple test parameters of clinical chemistry and has earned a remarkable reputation from its continuous effort to provide a quick turnaround time, high level of accuracy and long shelf life for reagents.

It can be operated intuitively, thus it is usable to anybody. Moreover, its compact design allows
flexibility in installation.

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FUJIFILM is a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare facilities and also provides Point-of-Care Testing products for healthcare providers who need immediate clinical test result.

The Technology behind Fujifilm Dri-Chem Nx700 gives this system the advantage over any other analyser in its class, some of the features that can be seen are:

  • Dry Chemistry completely eliminates the need for a costly water purification system and filters. The analyser does not consume any liquid reagents making it more cost efficient for waste management.
  • The FujifilmNX700 is completely easy to use with real time tutorials that make it easier on the user to remember how to operate and does not require highly trained staff.
  • Practically maintenance free, with this system you can eliminate the cost of maintaining or calibrating the system especially if it is not in use everyday. The system Calibration data is stored on the reagent Calibration card so before each Lot Calibration the card is scanned and the machine is ready to use.
  • Being a dry chemistry system each reagent is made on a dry slide which allows the shelf life to be longer than wet reagents in solutions and storage space is much smallerand easier.
  • Complete test portfolio. The FujiFilmNx 700 has a complete test profile including all General, Enzymatic and Electrolytes tests. Most importantly the Electrolytes are developed using the dry slide technology, each slide is individually packaged and ready to use eliminating the need for costly electrodes.
  • Small Footprint,the FujiFilm Nx700 has an extremely small footprint, about the size of two standard micropipettes, making it ideal for a bench top that’s already short on space.


Apart from all the above mentioned features, this system is completely integratable to an LIS, and has a powerful QC monitoring system that can generate and auto-calculate Levy-Jennings charts, which allows the user to track the system and reagent performance easily. Also as an added benefit, the system can toggle between Human and Veterinary Tests. However the appropriate test kits and reagents are required.



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