Automated Urinalysis System UN-2000

Automated Urinalysis System UN-2000

The UN-2000 provides laboratories a highly standardized and more efficient process for urine sediment analysis, with less manual intervention time and greater accuracy.

Using fluorescence flow cytometry, the UN-2000 reduces time-consuming hands-on review, delivering highly accurate particle quantitation and differentiation through walkaway loading, standardized criteria with high reproducibility, quantitative measurement, and automated validation. The UN-2000’s user-definable rule settings, intelligent data management with urine data manager (UDM), and high-quality images produced by a digital camera, give labs more control over their process and analysis. Skilled users can quickly and easily classify pathogenic cells, essentially eliminating the use of the microscope.

UN-2000 modularity and flexible configurations allow for increased throughput and simple, scalable options for upsizing and downsizing. In addition, the UN-2000 reduces the opportunity for clerical errors, lessens manual data entry, and decreases specimen-handling requirements.

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