A true multimodality workstation, ASPIRE Bellus II offers the ability to simultaneously display multiple exams across different modalities with specialized tools available for each. With support for a broad range of DICOM modalities including MG, BT, MR, CT, and US, ASPIRE Bellus II is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to improve their mammography reporting workflow without compromising access to images from other areas of the department.

The ASPIRE Bellus II incorporates customizable reading protocols for personalized configuration and workflow, while the ergonomic workstation controls allow keyboard, mouse, and keypad operation based on user preference. The optional integrated mammography reporting feature further enhances reporting workflow with integration of BIRADS reporting structure, single and/or double reading support, and drag-and-drop functionality to attach images to each report.

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The ASPIRE Bellus II is our latest generation workstation for women’s health. It is a multimodality, one-stop workstation solution designed specifically for mammographic diagnosis that aims to streamline workflow and optimize image displays, enabling radiologists to make a more precise diagnosis.

The ASPIRE Bellus II smart mammography workstation offers an exceptional high-resolution display and seamlessly integrates 2D and tomosynthesis acquisitions for analysis by the reporting radiologist.

A wide range of diagnostic tools are available to support precise diagnosis, including quadrant view, tomosynthesis support, image invert and the comparison of current and prior images. Advanced diagnostic support features are also available on demand, with vertical masking for focused comparison, Intellilink cross-referencing of CC and MLO images, and display of measurement results from both CAD and Breast Density Measurement systems.

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FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation is dedicated to providing a noticeably more comfortable mammogram* equipped with the latest advancements in imaging including digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT).

Image quality is critical to detecting tumors, especially small ones at the early stage. The addition of DBT on the FUJIFILM ASPIRE Cristalle mammography system adds even higher diagnostic capabilities to help physicians diagnose cancers earlier for better patient outcomes, while striving to keep radiation dose as low as possible.

In an effort to improve the patient experience the system also includes an exclusive ‘Comfort Paddle’ designed to conform to the natural shape of the breast, reducing pressure at the chest wall side with the goal of ensuring the most even and adequate compression so women come back time and time again for this much needed exam



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