FCR Carbon

FCR Carbon

• Fast image previews beginning in as little as 10 seconds
• Quick throughput – XL-2: 62-92, Fast Scan mode: 87 images/hr 14×17″ X: 43-72 images/hour
• 100 micron 10 pixels/mm Standard Reading Density
• Image Reading 12 bits gray scale, output: 10 or 12 bits
• Small 2.4 sq. ft. footprint

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The FCR Carbon is small and powerful. You get all the productivity and image quality of a full-size CR system in a size that fits in every imaging environment.
The Carbon XL-2 is ideal for distributed applications such as inside the exam room or even a trauma bay with a speed of up to 92 images an hour and image previews in as little as 23 seconds. With that flexibility, the Carbon XL-2 is also a great redundancy solution during peak periods. The XL-2 also features a 50 Reading Mode* for sharp, excellent detail — ideal for extremity exams or anywhere that seeing fine details is critical.

Radiation Oncology Portal Imaging Solutions

Portal radiographs are used in radiation therapy treatment to assist in simulating and visualizing the localization of radiation therapy. Fujifilm’s CR system supports Simulation and Localization (Portal Imaging). However, it is important to note that our technology does not support the third type of imaging, Verification.
Radiation therapy treatments use significantly higher dose than typical general radiography exams. The Fujifilm type PC cassette incorporates a 0.5mm lead screen layer to improve image contrast and enable its use for portal localization imaging. Imaging at these dose levels are not currently possible with DR.
Fujifilm’s PC cassette is designed to be used with FDA-cleared radiation treatment linear accelerators (LINAC) or Cobalt 60 units.
Radiation Oncology (Portal) Cassettes
(available with FCR only) for medically charged particle radiation therapy (portal localization) imaging. This exam identifies and confirms the imaging cancer treatment field and position to help identify treatment setup and adjustments. Portal images can be compared to routine radiographs to monitor irradiation field displacements. The Fujifilm PC cassette is designed to be used with FDA-cleared radiation treatment linear accelerators (LINAC) or Cobalt 60 units.
Portal Imaging Requires: our special PC type cassette(s), our standard ST-VI Imaging Plate (IP), FCR Carbon XL reader unit, and an FDX Console workstation.
• PC cassettes can be used with FCR Carbon XL reader units and most legacy FCR systems.
• No specific software modifications to the FCR reader are required.
• PC cassettes are coupled with Fujifilm’s standard ST-VI Imaging Plates (IP) and are available in three sizes: 14×17”, 14×14” and 10×12”.
Fujifilm offers a complete Portal package which includes FCR Carbon XL reader unit, FDX Console workstation, (2) ST-IV 14×17 Imaging Plates, (2) Type PC 14×17 Cassettes, (2) Application days



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