Bolt ELISA/CLIA Analyser

Bolt ELISA/CLIA Analyser

A one-plate ELISA+CLIA processor, the Bolt shares many features of the ThunderBolt, but with a more customizable, lower throughput, cost-effective design.
The Bolt is a single compact machine that serves as all of the tools for processing an ELISA or CLIA assay (pipette, washer, incubator, shaker, reader).

With the fully automated EIA platform, users can easily set up a worklist and come back to the instrument to retrieve results. No more worrying about manual incubation times and misplacing pipettes.

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The simple design of the Bolt reduces the cost of the instrument and still provides the user with a complete EIA process. Enhance your workflow with easy loading, fully automated processing, reading and reporting of results.

The Bolt software adapts to your laboratory to enable maximum productivity and deliver highly reliable results. The Test Designer combines with the multitude of other features to make ongoing operation of your Bolt as effortless as possible. The Test Designer allows configuration of virtually any EIA or Chemiluminescence assay protocol down the most minute detail, including required calculations and results analysis. Computations include: Point to point, linear regression, cubic spline, 4PL, 5 PL, Lin-Lin, Lin-Log, and Log-Log representation. The software integrates with most LIS systems, and provides a fully bidirectional interface.


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